This or That? | Cigar Birds — June 6, 2013 —

” The choice is yours. Curated by the This or That tumblr. ”



Philippe Halsman, Alfred Hitchcock during filming of “The Birds,” 1962 Photography by Philippe Halsman



The Notorious B.I.G.


” This or That Tumblr takes cigars and homage as its theme, with a face-off between a cinematic legend and a musical pioneer. In his portrait shot by Philippe Halsman on the set of his iconic film The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock leans nonchalantly back, seemingly oblivious to the creature fluttering atop his cigar. In the later image, rap star theNotorious B.I.G. exactly mimics the iconic pose of the film director, a reference to his boast in the song Beef that he is the “rap Alfred Hitchcock.” This claim may come from their similarity of silhouette, but, as Andrew Noz wrote, “there’s a deeper spiritual bond between the two – the detail obsession of full-blown perfectionists.”


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